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Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) for Directed I/O (VT-d) Firmware Tool Kit
Virtualization Technology  VT for Directed I/O VT-d Firmware Tool Kit

Product Code: STLGRN51

The purpose of the tool is to execute assertions and test algorithms against the firmware implementation on a target platform to verify the implementation of the VT-d DMAR ACPI tables and chipset configuration for VT-d.

The VT-d firmware checkout tool is available as a set of binaries for 32-bit Windows with availability planned for 64-bit Windows and Linux® in later revisions. The VT-d firmware checkout tool is organized as a single binary (Executable) with supporting drivers (where required) and runtime components (where required). An assertion is a set of statements that are implemented for the platform under test. Each assertion has an algorithm and implementation. Each assertion when executed produces a SUCCESS/FAILURE result for the platform and is logged in the log file identified by the user. The log file identified by the user when the assertion is run contains log data identifying the result of the execution of the test algorithm(s) for the assertion on the platform under test. The VT-d Firmware checkout tool can be installed and run on any 32-bit Windows® platform including non-VT-d platforms. When run on platforms that do not support VT-d, all assertions produce errors in log files with obvious error messages.

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