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Intel® TurboBoost/ Energy Counter Interrogation
TurboBoost/ Energy Counter Interrogation

Product Code: STLGRN97

The Turbo Boost application is a Windows* based GUI application used to test the functionality of Intel® Turbo Boost technology . The tool has the ability to target a specific logical processor, a processor core or an entire physical processor and place a compute load on the targeted processing unit that is sufficient to initiate Turbo Boost.

This tool validates that a server functions correctly in a real-world environment. The test plan lists the tests that are to be performed and the test report provides the results of these tests. The Turbo Boost application has the ability to test a platform for proper Intel Turbo Boost functionality by placing a CPU utilization load on all logical processors in all physical packages, an individual logical processor, all logical processors within a physical core, or all logical processors within a package of physical processor. Once the CPU load is initiated, the application interrogates the proper target CPU MSR(s).

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