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Intel® Trusted Execution Technology: TPM & TPM2 Enhanced Provisioning Kit (TPK)
TPM & TPM2 Enhanced Provisioning Kit TPK

Product Code: STLGRN55

The purpose of this tool is to provide flexible and easily extensible provisioning features as well as diagnostic features for developers. Using the tool run with command line options enables provisioning and TPM non volatile index verification, using the tool without command line options enables the interactive mode exposing the diagnostic features.

The Tpm2ProvTool is a command line tool designed to be used with a batch (*.nsh) file. TPM provisioning is split between two tools: a Windows* based WinTpm2Tool that provides a GUI environment to create definition files and a UEFI Tpm2ProvTool that used those definition files to send commands to the TPM. Many TPM operations require multiple commands be sent to the TPM, which means the Tpm2ProvTool will be invoked multiple times. Inside the downloadable file is a list of commands that may be used.

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