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Intel® Parallel Studio XE Memory Configuration Tool Gen4 VRTT PDT Host Software 1 Year Upgrade License Subscription
Gen4 VR Test Tool PDT Host Software Single Version Upgrade License Equalization Tap Conversion Tool Channel Quality Comparison and Channel Check Tool
Channel Checker DDR3 Memory Trace Length Calculator TLC FloTHERM Thermal Models
IcePak Thermal Models HSPICE Signal Integrity Models and User Guide for USB Mechanical Models
Gen4 VR Test Tool Automation Test Software Platform Power Delivery Validation Plan DDR3 & DDR4 DIMM VTT Rail Load Power Calculator
SPECpower Benchmark Automation Toolkit Platform Power Thermal Utility PTU aka Maximum Power Program CScripts for Platforms
Performance Counter Monitor PCM Machine Check MCE Decoder BIOS Implementation Test Suite BITS
Platform BIOS Reference Code DescriptorTool Server Platform Services SPS Manageability Engine ME Firmware & Tools
Virtualization Technology  VT for Directed I/O VT-d Firmware Tool Kit SR-IOV Topology Simulation and Platform Firmware Test Kit TXT Test Tools for Servers Platforms
TPM & TPM2 Enhanced Provisioning Kit TPK Launch Control Policy LCP Toolkit for Windows Platform Environment Control Interface PECI Test Software, Device Drivers and User Guide
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