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Product Code: K61523-100
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  • Intel Structural Test Plus (STP) SPR CPU Test Card with programmed FPGAs used to test connectivity between CPU/DDR5, CPU/PCIE and UPI busses between CPUs as part of the STP solution.
  • Dimensions 77.5mm x 56.4mm
  • Programmable features (PCIE, UPI, DDR5)
      - Test frequency 50Kbs to 200Mbs
    1. - Pattern length 10 bit to 1M bit
      - Pattern density PRBS4 to PRBS15
  • Developed by DEO-PDE with no restricted Intel IP and can be used worldwide.
    - CNDA for SW required
  • Not dependent on PCH, BIOS, BSDL
  • Test Card is NOT electrically a CPU compliant board.
  • Uses ITP/XDP white cover SW which is compatible with Intel ITP/XDP debug environments. (No restricted Intel IP)
  • Flyswatter 2 JTAG hardware controller is required to execute STP tests.
    - Flyswatter2 w/ ARM20MIPI60 adaptor connects to MIPI60 connector
    XDP60toMIPI60 and MIPI60toXDP60 adaptors available in DesignInTools
  • STP software toolkit available to generate STP tests
  • STP test boards are IEEE 1149.1 compatible with custom OPCODES for STP features (PRBS loopback on high speed busses, input voltage measurements, clock measurement, straps, and perimeter power and ground verification)
XDP60 or MIPI60 debug port JTAG connection on baseboard to CPU(s) required for STP testing.
  • STP SPR CPU Test types
    • JTAG
      • 4 signal traces used as JTAG TAP between the CPU test card to PCIE or DIMM test card
      • PCIE uses lane 0 as JTAG TAP between CPU test card and PCIE connector
        • Bifurcation down to a x4
      • DDR5 uses CS signals as JTAG TAP between CPU test card and DDR5 connector
    • PRBS (Pseudo Random Bit Stream)
      • Loop back test
      • Single Ended testing
    • STRAPS
      • STP STRAP test can be run from CPU, DIMM and PCIE test cards
      • STP STRAP tests consist of reading static input levels as High or Low
    • CLOCKS
      • Clock measurement in Mhz
      • 100Mhz and 24Mhz input clocks
    • Input Voltage Measurements
      • All input voltages to CPU socket are checked
      • Most voltage rails have multiple pins tested independently
    • Perimeter Power and Ground
      • Socket perimeter power and ground pins are tested
    • Socket coverage with compliment of STP DDR5 and PCIE test or loopback cards
      • 48% (2,236/4677 pins tested)

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