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Product Code: STLGRN62

Provides tests to verify that customers have comprehended and correctly implemented IA RAS features in their platforms. The toolkit will verify that the platform has implemented RAS capabilities per Intel's reference platform guidelines. Checks include CSR, MSR, MMIO and MCA Bank register level up through the firmware ACPI/APEI tables and interfaces then back up through the Windows WHEA level O/S interface. RAS configuration checks are performed by the toolkit at each of these levels. Feature support including MCA Recovery checks, OS based Error Injection, and utility for DDR3 address translation. Supported OS: Windows: Server 2008 R2, 2012 Linux: RHEL 6, SUSE 11, Ubuntu, VMWare: ESX 4, 4.1i, 5.0i, Solaris: 10

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