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Intel® Platform Testing Services - System Power Measurement
Intel® Platform Testing Services - System Power Measurement

Product Code: IPTSPP
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Power supply sizing, power budget, or component power

This test service allows customers to send in a fully configured system with one or more power supplies to measure the total power requirements and best loading scenarios for the system. Results provided typically include power used by the motherboard, memory, CPU, and hard drive. This testing will aid in properly sizing the PSU for best efficiency at low power. It can also help prevent oversizing the PSU. Oversizing can result in higher total cost of ownership, where the system won’t see the benefits from better efficiency at loads the system will never reach.

  • Component power examples (if system has internal PSU)
    • CPU (w/ VR Loss)
    • Board & memory (memory can be split out)
    • Hard drives & optical drives (up to 3 independent measurements)
    • Graphics card (or any PCI-Express add-in card)
    • Real time PSU Loss
  • Software program examples
    • Industry Benchmarks, Intel Power Thermal Utility, Burn-In Pro

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