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Intel® Platform Testing Services - Acoustic Testing
Intel® Platform Testing Services - Acoustic Testing

Product Code: IPTSAT
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Must do Thermal Single or Thermal Debug testing first before ordering Acoustic Testing (May be ordered at the same time)

What is the major source of noise in your system?

This test service allows customers to send in a fully configured system (and any system components under evaluation) to provide a system level acoustic comparative result for sound power and/or sound pressure. The tests are carried out in compliance with ISO 7779, ISO 3734, ISO 3735, ISO 11201, and ISO 9296 standards. The test results, detailed within the report, can assist the customer in the selection of system ingredients, including optical drives, video cards, fan heatsink solutions, and chassis (including chassis fans and power supplies) for the best acoustic solution to take to market.

A Good System has a balance between Thermal and Acoustic Performance

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