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Essential tools are a set of tools that have been identified as significant to the design, validation, and debug of platforms with Intel silicon. The primary goal of driving essential tools is to ensure customers are enabled with quality tools they need in a timely manner to facilitate their entire development process.

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Arium ECM-XDP3 or LX-1000 Intel JTAG Debugger CScripts for Platforms DDR Rank Margining Tool RMT
Integrated Channel Analysis Tool (ICAT) Channel Checker Electrical Validation Test Suite  EVTS
Network Connections Tools Server Platform Services SPS Manageability Engine ME Firmware & Tools Intel System Bring-up Toolkit NDA
TPM & TPM2 Enhanced Provisioning Kit TPK TXT ToolKit TTK for Debug ACM Memory Error Injection MEI Test Card and Utility
PEI PCIe 3.0 Error Injection Card & Tool Kit Physical Layer Electrical Validation Tool PLEVT Physical Tuning GUI Tool PhyTune for SATA
Platform Power Delivery Validation Plan Platform Power Thermal Utility PTU aka Maximum Power Program Processor Thermal Test Vehicle TTV
RASTool SISTAI Win TPM 2 Tool WinTpm2Tool
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