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Design & Validation Solutions from Design-In Tools

Engineers can’t account for everything. That’s why Design-In Tools offers intuitive motherboard design validation tools to help ensure that problems are detected earlier in the design cycle, reducing design time and helping you get your end product to market faster.

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If you or your team of BIOS and Software engineers are ready to install a CPU on the motherboard, we recommend making sure the board provides power correctly, before burning your sample or time on debug. Enter Design-In Tools’ VR Test Tools.

VR Test Tools

Gen5 VR Test Tool Base Kit
High Power Gen4 VR Test Tool Base Kit
Low Power VR Test Tool Kit

Our Voltage Regulator Test Tools emulate the silicon processor, running a variety of platform power validation tests and streamlined CPU load line tests, to modularize the motherboard’s de-bug and provide true board validity before further investment.

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Ready to validate your design? Start with data-driven decisions. Whether you’re building an augmented reality game or looking to guide 3D printing software, validating the end user’s expectations can only be achieved through proper data capture and analysis, during the engineering stage. Intel’s RealSense™ technology communicates intuitive data from places you never thought possible.

RealSense™ Technology

Via various hardware and software solutions, such as vision processors, turnkey modules, cameras, SDKs and more, our RealSense™ tools allow engineers to thoroughly validate inferences using granular data, helping them understand, interact and improve their designs much more effectively. To interact with more accurate data than ever, browse via our various RealSense™ solutions below.

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Schematic Reviews

Once component design decisions are finalized, embedded or IoT engineers should look to get a second set of eyes on their schematic designs, before investing valuable time and budget into a prototype build. That’s why Design-In Tools offers Schematic Reviews.

Our affordable Schematic Review service provides a pin-by-pin check of the Intel chips on a motherboard design. We can provide information on misconnected or unconnected pins, recommended circuits and component values, and voltage nets. Reviews typically take less than 5 business days once a readable schematic design file has been provided.

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