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Intel® Intelligent Test System (Intel® ITS) Low Power VR Test Tool Manual Interposer Board Gen2 Efficiency Pod Kit
IDT Test Module Board for DDR5 PMIC Test Stand STP DDR5 DIMM Test Card Gen4 VR Test Tool Base Kit
Socket H3 (LGA1150) Interposer LGA771/LGA775 Version 2 Socket Board 19x19 male-to-male header
604-pin male-to-male header LGA771/LGA775 VR Test Tool Kit mPGA604 Caneland/Tigerton VR Test Tool Kit
mPGA604 (Caneland/Tigerton) Socket Board DDR2/DDR3 Memory VR Test Tool Kit 359-pin male-to-male header
PCI-e Power Delivery Adapter Card Gen3 VR Test Tool Base Kit Socket B (LGA1366) Interposer
Socket H1 (LGA1156) Interposer Socket LS (LGA1567) [Red] Interposer Socket LS (LGA1567) [Blue] Interposer
Manual Load Board (For VR11.x Platforms) USB-Controlled Vref Margining Card (UVMC08) Efficiency Pod
1A Mini Slammer 5A Mini Slammer 25A Mini Slammer
Mini Slammer Control Board Mini Slammer Control Cable Socket R LGA2011 Blue Interposer
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