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Intel® Intelligent Test System (Intel® ITS) Low Power VR Test Tool Manual Interposer Board Gen2 Efficiency Pod Kit
Gen4 VR Test Tool Base Kit Socket H3 (LGA1150) Interposer LGA771/LGA775 Version 2 Socket Board
19x19 male-to-male header 604-pin male-to-male header LGA771/LGA775 VR Test Tool Kit
mPGA604 Caneland/Tigerton VR Test Tool Kit mPGA604 (Caneland/Tigerton) Socket Board DDR2/DDR3 Memory VR Test Tool Kit
359-pin male-to-male header PCI-e Power Delivery Adapter Card Gen3 VR Test Tool Base Kit
Socket B (LGA1366) Interposer Socket H1 (LGA1156) Interposer Socket LS (LGA1567) [Red] Interposer
Socket LS (LGA1567) [Blue] Interposer Manual Load Board (For VR11.x Platforms) USB-Controlled Vref Margining Card (UVMC08)
Efficiency Pod 1A Mini Slammer 5A Mini Slammer
25A Mini Slammer Mini Slammer Control Board Mini Slammer Control Cable
Socket R LGA2011 Blue Interposer Socket R LGA2011 Red Interposer Socket B2EN2 (LGA1356) Interposer
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