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DDR3 & DDR4 DIMM VTT Rail Load Power Calculator
DDR3 & DDR4 DIMM VTT Rail Load Power Calculator

Product Code: STLGRN20

The Vtt Power Supply provides the proper voltage to the termination resistors on the Command, Address, and Control signals on the DIMM. This voltage is set at Vdd/2, which is nominally 0.75V for DDR3 and 0.6V for DDR4. The termination resistors are at the far left and far right ends of the DIMM at the end of the address, command, and control traces. Unlike most power supplies which only source current, the Vtt supply must be able to source or sink current. This is because the current flow through the Vtt resistors could be either direction based on whether the signal is being drive high or low.

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