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Intel-Based Platform Debugging Tools

Intel-Based Platform Debugging Tools

Debug Tools assist in debugging your Intel based Platform. Debugger products are initially designed to test the target program, while making an engineer’s or developer’s job easier and more accurate.

Being a part of Intel, we’re familiar with the daily struggles of testing without the proper tools. That is why our hardware and software tool kits are shipped with the latest software revisions. Our debuggers increase efficiency, decrease errors and development time!

Debuggers display results in an easy-to-use interface, giving the developer or engineer a full or partial simulation of the code. To help troubleshoot, most debuggers trap when they identify a bug or invalid data.

Intel® ITP-XDP 3BR Kit

*External customers only.
ITP-XDP known as 3BR, the latest revision of ITP-XDP hardware.

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Intel® SVT Closed Chassis Adapter

Intel® Silicon View Technology Closed Chassis Adapter (SVTCCA/ BSSB).

  • Provides access to DFx-features, like JTAG and Run-control, through USB3 port(s) on Intel® Direct Connect Interface (DCI) enabled silicon and platforms.
  • Enables closed-chassis use-cases where USB3-hosted DCI is limited, intermittent, or unavailable.
  • Includes initial cold boot, suspend-state operation and survival, Reset-flows, and USB3 or IOSF path failures.
  • Intel® ITP software or Intel® System Studio software is required and sold separately.
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Intel® Debug Cables from 1 to 1.8 Meters

Our USB debug cables enable debug platforms to support Silicon View Technology, using DCI-USB2 or DCI-USB3. This is similar to a standard USB A male to A male cable, except that the VBus signal is removed. All of our Debug cables are USB 3.0 compliant.

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Intel® ITP PDT Software Subscription

Intel® ITP PDF software package for micro-architecture that runs on a host. Requires hardware (XDP3BR sold separately).

  • Includes one year of updates to Intel® ITP Platform Debug Toolkit.
  • ITP PDT is used in debugging and testing of Intel Architecture processors, debuggers and platforms.
  • Works together with target DFx hooks.
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